The launch of the Trail

Excavation Reports

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The Place of Killearn Geophysical Survey (1993)

The Place was a seventeenth century manor house – at one time the largest in Killearn. This survey, by Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division on behalf of the Killearn Trust, was an attempt to identify its precise location.

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Killearn Glen: Rediscovering the Communities Lost Landscape (2016)

In 2016 a KCFC project organised an archaeological and dendrochronological walk-over survey of Killearn Glen by volunteers led by Northlight Heritage and Dendrochronicle. The project identified the types and age of tree species, likely historic land use and archaeological sites potentially dating from the Late Medieval to the Modern periods.

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Cover of PDF report about the archaeological dig in Killearn Glen in 2016

Killearn Glen: ‘Laird’s House’ Evaluation (2019)

Following the rediscovery of the remains of an ancient building in Killearn Glen, the Killearn Heritage Trail project organised an excavation of the site. A team of volunteers, supervised by professional archaeologists from Northlight Heritage, dug two trenches to explore the site whilst learning archaeological techniques.

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